Sunrise Capital Partners


Fund Investment Objectives

THE SUNRISE EVOLUTION PROGRAM build upon a three decade legacy of investment success and has transformed our flagship investment program into what we believe is the most compelling and dynamic offering in our firm's rich history. Applying a unique blend of diversified systematic investment approaches across a wide range of global sectors, markets, and time frames, Sunrise Evolution is designed to consistently capture an array of market inefficiencies and deliver to investors a regular stream of alpha that has a low correlation to traditional investment strategies. Sunrise Evolution does not make fundamental market calls but rather identifies price trends, patterns and other anomalies that we believe offer a high statistical likelihood of delivering consistent investment profits over time. Through a perspective forged by our extensive investment experience, Sunrise Evolution offers investors exposure to a wide range of long and short opportunities in equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies which are agnostic to economic downturns and other factors that often hinder traditional investment approaches. The Sunrise Evolution Program is designed to participate in a range of market price inefficiencies and anomalies while preserving capital during times when such investment opportunities are not present. Accordingly, Sunrise Evolution can be 100% long, 100% short, 100% neutral, or any iteration between, depending on the opportunity set presented by global markets. Incorporating Sunrise Evolution's flexible, self-adjusting investment approach into a portfolio gives investors the opportunity to capture alpha from opportunities that are not present in most traditional portfolios. As a result, investors increase their chance of achieving steadier, lower volatility portfolio returns and provide themselves an opportunity for compelling performance in times of market crisis such as 2008. Indeed, Sunrise Evolution offers investors the potential for true portfolio diversification as it is designed to thrive just as readily in bear markets as it is in bull environments by seeking multi-directional alpha from a highly diversified range of asset classes, geographies, and time frames.