Superfund Blue SPC Class A


Fund Investment Objectives

Superfund Blue employs a systematic equity market neutral strategy which aims to produce consistent returns regardless of wider market conditions with relatively low volatility. The fund can achieve capital gains by short term trading on the performance of stocks that are expected to outperform the overall market. A market neutral portfolio is created by hedging equity positions with index futures. The fully systematic Superfund Blue trading strategy trades on the performance of equities listed on major stock exchanges primarily in Europe, Asia and America. It is intended to have minimal or even no correlation to other asset classes, and therefore should be an effective diversifier for any portfolio. The Fund commenced trading on April 1, 2005 and was initially used as a proprietary trading vehicle to develop and test new equity trading strategies. On July 1, 2008, the Fund began trading the current systematic Superfund Blue equity market neutral strategy. The Fund was renamed from Tiger Fund SPC into Superfund Blue Class A (EUR) SPC on May, 10 2008.