Superfund Blue SPC Class A

(Gold EUR)

Fund Investment Objectives

Superfund Blue SPC is an open investment fund investing in a leveraged market neutral global equity portfolio. The fund achieves capital gains by short term trading of stocks that are expected to outperform the overall market within the next days. This kind of strategy creates high turnover within the fund. By hedging the portfolio against overall market risk with index futures a market neutral portfolio is created. The allocation is done by a computer trading model and is not tied to any specific index or market. So the regional allocation as well as the grade of investment can vary heavily on a daily basis. The fund intends to achieve extraordinary returns with limited volatility. The fund is set to create these returns irrespective of the directions of global or any individual stock market indices. The NAV of the Fund is also tied to the price of gold due to an overlay position. The Fund's actual Inception Date is December 3, 2007.