Symphony Bravura 99 Fund,


Fund Investment Objectives

Description: The Symphony Concentrated Equity Market-Neutral Strategy is a hedged equity strategy investing in companies with a market capitalization greater than $500 million. The strategy invests in high conviction names and is typically concentrated to 20 - 50 names long and 20 - 50 names short. The strategy is designed to generate alpha on both the long and short side of the portfolio through bottom-up stock selection. Portfolio construction aims to achieve beta neutrality; however the strategy may have up to 30% net exposure. The strategy does not employ leverage. Investment Process: Symphony's equity investment process is designed to generate consistent return through rigorous idea generation and bottom-up stock selection. We use a complimentary blend of both quantitative and qualitative measures, based on our belief that each analysis adds value when applied at the appropriate stage of the investment process. Our goal is to most efficiently process information on individual companies by equally embracing these distinct investment disciplines, allowing us to develop fundamental and forward looking views on individual companies. From this vantage point we believe we can best isolate stock selection as the primary driver of returns. Symphony has developed and refined its blended approach for over 15 years, and believes this is the most efficient way to construct optimal portfolios. The investment process begins with a screening mechanism based on market capitalization, trading volume and stock price. Once the targeted portfolio liquidity is ensured, the residual companies are screened by four proprietary quantitative models. After a company passes through Symphony's in-depth quantitative investment process, a team of industry-focused portfolio managers and research analysts conduct extensive fundamental research. Companies are scrutinized to form a complete understanding of their financial health and future prospects, focusing on identifying a catalyst to drive performance of the individual security (or depreciation for shorts).