Synthesis Multi-Asset

Architecture UnCor Ret A-USD

Fund Investment Objectives

The investment objective is to provide capital growth whilst preserving capital and to enable the Investors to benefit from stable annualized returns primarily through investing in a multi-strategy portfolio of alternative investment strategies with low or negative correlation with equity markets (including non-life insurance linked securities, research led and quantitative Global Macro, systematic trading based on statistical properties of the futures markets, currency trading, multiple credit trading strategies, among others). The aim is also to diversify S.U.R.F.'s portfolio across different investment strategies in order to provide returns, which are mostly uncorrelated with the main equity markets. To attempt to achieve the investment objectives and policies described above, S.U.R.F will invest in a variety of underlying funds. S.U.R.F. will provide access to single and multi-strategy alternative investment funds. The General Partner, before making any decision about S.U.R.F.'s portfolio constitution will follow an independent advice and approach. The General Partner may, in its discretion, invest all or a portion of the Management Fee profits into S.U.R.F.'s portfolio, in order to align itself to the interests of the S.U.R.F.'s Investors. S.U.R.F. will not invest into long-only funds, funds of hedge funds, and any other highly equity correlated investment funds.