Systematic Alpha

Multi-Strategy Futures Fund, Ltd - A

Fund Investment Objectives

The SYSTEMATIC ALPHA MULTI-STRATEGY FUTURES FUND, LTD. (the Fund) is a professional fund incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. The Fund's objective is to achieve consistently positive absolute returns, having low to negative correlation to any major equity, bond or currency markets, as well as broad hedge fund indices. The Fund attempts to achieve its goal by employing a number of quantitative trading models that exploit two main themes: (i) short-term market neutral mean reversion and (ii) short-term directional trading, in a diversified portfolio of over 40 highly liquid futures markets, including financial futures (sovereign debt, equity and currency) and commodities futures. The fund provides monthy liquidity and has no lockup period. The fund offers two share classes: Class A (Standard Leverage) and Class B (Double Leverage".