TCA Global Credit Master

Fund, L.P.

Fund Investment Objectives

TCA Global Master Credit Fund, LP continues as one of the first alternative funds solely focused on short-term, senior secured debt transactions, and associated advisory services primarily for listed SME's. The Fund's management is enjoying its second decade in providing custom debt funding and specialist corporate advice, which is a level of expertise usually only afforded to much larger companies. The Fund's strategy combines debt funding, advisory services, and associated fee income with small secured exposures to achieve the goal of uncorrelated, low variance returns. TCA Global Credit Master Fund employs AIMA best practices, transparency, and governance as well as using top flight service providers. The Fund has a great working relationship with its portfolio companies as evidenced by a repeat business rate in excess of 50 percent despite its high yield return goals. The Fund launched April 30, 2010. Predecessor funds are Trafalgar Capital SIF and Montgomery Equity Partners LP. Additional information is available upon request. AUM prior to June 2014 is not disclosed