Fund I, L.P.

Fund Investment Objectives

Telemetry Fund I, L.P. is a multi-strategy absolute return fund. Current strategies include statistical arbitrage, convertibles, risk arbitrage, macro, and volatility. The Fund evolved from a statistical arbitrage fund in July 2008 to capitalize on market opportunities and diversify risk. The investment objective is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with little correlation to market indices and a risk management emphasis on preservation of capital. The investment team combines quantitative and derivatives expertise with fundamental research to opportunistically and dynamically allocate capital among relative value and absolute value opportunities. Investment ideas come from ongoing research and development on both technical and fundamental factors in statistical arbitrage; fundamental research of companies and macroeconomics; capital structure opportunities, such as the relationship between volatility and credit; and companies accessing the capital markets and other corporate transactions. Portfolio exposures are driven by both micro and macro analysis. Asymmetric profiles are sought at the position, strategy, and portfolio level. Correlation among positions and strategies is managed for risk-reward, and systemic biases are minimized except for compelling risk-reward opportunities. The Fund incepted November 2, 1999.