TIG Distressed

Opportunities, L.P./ Ltd.

Fund Investment Objectives

TIG Distressed Opportunities is a global distressed, deep value and special situations investment fund seeking to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns with a focus on the preservation of invested capital. When appropriate, the Fund hedges its investments with short bonds or equity options, and on broader markets using equity indices. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing opportunistically in event-driven and special situations in distressed and stressed companies, as well as in undervalued and mispriced securities and other instruments. The Fund invests across the capital structures of public and private companies using multiple strategies, including, without limitation, distressed investing, high yield and value investing, inter-and intra-company capital structure arbitrage, catalyst/event-driven investing, and relative value investing. Hedging is an integral part of the Fund's strategy. Two general types of hedges are deployed: hedges on individual securities, and broad-market hedges. The portfolio typically has 25 - 35 positions and employs little to no leverage. Generally, a maximum of 10% is invested, excluding hedges, in a particular security and no more than 25% of the portfolio will be invested in any one industry. Inception of Tiedemann Distressed Opportunities was September 2008. Prior to September 2008, the performance shown is that of Context Python L.P., the Predecessor Fund which was managed in the same style by the same management team at another financial institution. AUM is the aggregate of the On and Offshore vehicles.