TMA Capital Management (tMAC

100 - Proprietary)

Fund Investment Objectives

tMAC 100 is a systematic approach to trading in that it relies heavily on taking positions in the futures markets based upon technical considerations such as historical price patterns or trend following. Specifically, TMA will manage each client's accounts under up to 30 different trading techniques that are generally non-correlated and optimized to make up the tMAC 100 Portfolio. The portfolio currently trades a ratio of roughly 50/50 day trade to swing trade models. Markets traded will include, but not be limited to: SP500 E-mini Futures (ES), Dow Jones E-mini Futures (YM), Mini Russell Futures (TF), and the SP400 E-mini Midcap Futures (EM). Returns are based on proforma adjustments to a proprietary account to reflect fees. Client accounts will be traded in like fashion.