TradeLink Capital LLC

(Integrated Program)

Fund Investment Objectives

Relaunched in February of 2013, the TradeLink Integrated Program ("TIP") uses empirical experience and statistical models to capture short-term momentum and mean reversion in the context of prevailing trends across multiple time scales. TIP has evolved and innovated throughout its 16 year history, favoring insights gleaned from market experience as well as a responsive approach to trading. As of February 2013, the Tradelink Integrated Program is composed of a reformulation of those insights housed within a fully systematic allocation platform. The core concepts have also been extended to include intra-day time-scales, all executed through an automated high-speed infrastructure. TradeLink Capital LLC, the advisor to the TIP program, was launched in 1995 and is the asset management business of TradeLink Holdings LLC. TradeLink Holdings LLC is a diversified alternative investment and proprietary trading firm founded in 1979. It currently employs in excess of 150 people with offices in Chicago and London.