Triple Alpha LLC (Perpetual


Fund Investment Objectives

The TRIPLE ALPHA PERPETUAL PORTFOLIO is different from most CTA programs in that it does not trade in and out of markets according to technical or fundamental information; rather it is an active asset allocation strategy that perpetually holds a portfolio of assets that do well in different phases of the economic cycle, and is rebalanced periodically. The program core is an allocation to futures in stock indexes which can provide strong returns during times of expansion, long-term U.S. Treasury bond futures which do well during deflation as well as times when U.S. government securities are viewed as "safe harbor" assets but which can do poorly during other periods in the economic cycle, precious metals in order to provide protection during periods of inflation and other periods threatening monetary stability and global risks, and in cash U.S. T-Bills in order to provide a hedge against periods of contraction or recession where return of capital is more important than return on capital. The Triple Alpha Perpetual Portfolio can also have proprietary allocations to other assets. On January 1, 2014 the strategy for the TAPP Program added discretion in asset class direction and exposure.