Truston Falcon Asia US

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Fund Investment Objectives

The Truston Falcon Asia Fund (Falcon Fund) is a long-short Asian equity fund run by Truston Asset Management Singapore Pte. Ltd. ("Truston Singapore"). The fund aims to achieve its absolute return objective primarily by investing in long and short Asian equity positions, primarily in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese-related equities. The investment process is driven by fundamental bottom-up stock selection with attention to macroeconomic and sector analysis. The Falcon Fund began trading on February 15, 2012 Truston Singapore is a subsidiary of Truston Asset Management Co., Ltd. ("Truston"), a leading Korean asset manager. Founded in 1998, Truston provides services to domestic and foreign investors through managed accounts, privately placed funds, publicly offered funds, and hedge funds. Truston has over $5.2 billion under management(as of 6/30/12), making it one of the largest domestic asset managers of Korean equities. The investment team at Truston believes the best way to achieve superior returns is to take a long-term view of the markets and focus on individual company performance. The investment process is characterized by a research driven team approach, emphasis on fundamentals, and thoughtful and rigorous analysis.