Unifi India

Fund Investment Objectives

Unifi India Fund Ltd. Class A seeks to generate capital appreciation by investing in those sectors that offer an exceptional opportunity for high, sustainable and visible growth. We believe that as India's economic power trickles down deeper, certain sectors will have greater opportunities and faster growth than others mainly due to their inherent strengths, industry cycle, and the macro-economic and demographic scenario. We would invest in a basket of stocks from the chosen sectors that are representative of the respective sector's philosophy and performance with a bias towards low beta large-caps that provide easy liquidity and greater predictability. Within our long-term sector allocation, individual stocks are actively managed to take advantage of trading opportunities that could arise from close monitoring of relative valuations, fundamental developments and corporate events. We consider the top-down approach to be most effective in selecting the sectors and monitoring them with a view to reallocate capital when a more attractive sector is identified.