Valo Group Fund, LP


Fund Investment Objectives

Valo Group Fund is a fundamental value, long/short hedge fund with a track record of generating outperformance in both public equity and credit markets. We strive to generate excess returns by completing differentiated in-depth research in quality companies caught in complex situations, not by taking outsized risks. We are defensive and cautious investors who believe that exceptional long-term returns are also generated by rigorously protecting capital from losses, so we maintain a conservative portfolio with low net and gross exposures. The Fund focuses on misunderstood fundamental value, distressed and special situations, as compelling investments are more likely to be found in these niche strategies which are under followed by traditional investors. Research is centered on eight core industry sectors where we have substantial experience and specialized expertise. Detailed knowledge of the companies in our core industry verticals enables us to look across a broad universe of credit and public equities, both longs and shorts, to find the securities where price is most dislocated from long term intrinsic value. Portfolio concentrations will vary with market volatility, as the portfolio will gravitate to the areas which offer the best bargains.