van Biema

Value Fund, L.P.

Fund Investment Objectives

Value investing is the one school of investing that has proven itself consistently profitable over the long-term. Practitioners of the value approach have produced positive absolute returns for investors in both good and bad markets. The van Biema Value Fund, LP is a dedicated value-only fund of hedge funds that launched in October 2004. van Biema Value currently invests in 22 funds that employ a range of investment philosophies across the value spectrum. The van Biema Value Fund targets small managers with AUM less than $200 million that are under the radar. By forming a portfolio of these funds, van Biema Value allows endowments, family offices, and institutional investors to invest in what otherwise would be an inaccessible group of desirable and high quality funds. We allocate capital to relatively undiscovered managers that have proven track records or managers who have trained and worked under well-known value managers. We are value investors ourselves with, on average, over 20 years of experience and over $210 billion in aggregate invested in the value style. We believe that our Fund's investment strategy will provide superior long-term returns with a strong focus on capital preservation. Incentive Fee: 5% on 5%-10%, 10% on 10%-15%, 15% on 15%-20%, 20% on 20%+.