Vaquero US EM

Credit Fund LP

Fund Investment Objectives

Vaquero's process is steeped in a commitment to credit intensive due diligence and conscientious risk management. Vaquero's strategy is not confined to a single balance sheet niche; it spans the capital structure from top to bottom. Furthermore, Vaquero targets the most value-added segments of the emerging markets: private sector lending in external and local currencies in the bank and bond markets. Detailed understanding of financial analysis, transaction structuring, covenant negotiation, capital structure positioning and a history of creativity will place Vaquero at the forefront of the market. The discipline of corporate investing is distinctly different and more complex than traditional EM strategies. It requires a more comprehensive analytical process to address a wider array of risks. Vaquero's analytical framework synthesizes top-down macro-economic assessment with a bottom-up credit opinion and an on-the-ground local market perspective. This multi-dimensional analytical approach is risk mitigating and will allow Vaquero to consistently uncover highly profitable opportunities that are often unseen by others.