Vergho Asset Management

(Kinematics Fund)

Fund Investment Objectives

The assets of KINEMATICS Fund are invested in accordance with its Kinematics Trading Program, a proprietary trading program developed and refined by the Trading Advisor, Vergho Asset Management (VAM). The Kinematics Trading Program seeks to achieve capital appreciation through trading in highly liquid futures markets. The program is generally short-term in nature, with trades generally lasting one to seven days, and relies on proprietary price patterns in combination with volatility measures and momentum models to determine market entries. Trades made pursuant to the program are based on extensive analysis of price, volume, and market volatility to develop models with favorable risk-reward characteristics. The program model screens activity in the futures markets and seeks to identify entry signals based on these technical inputs. The final trading decisions are based upon a combination of these entry signals and the Trading Advisor's discretion, judgment and experience. VAM believes this combination of systematic and discretionary trading will outperform a purely systematic approach over the long run. Adding a discretionary element to the strategy provides the added flexibility required to navigate the financial markets, which are constantly changing and infinitely complex. Assets reported are total assets traded in the strategy. As of January 2014, performance is taken from a representative managed account reflecting full fees and the average commissions.