Fund Investment Objectives

Multi-strategy with a focus on Nordic Equity markets.Target return of 12% p.a. Volatility target 10% p.a. Low equity market correlation. Fundamental long/short: Portfolio managers form positions that offer good expected risk/return ratio by buying securities that are undervalued according to our cash flow-based models and selling short overvalued securities. The net market risk of the positions is dependent on our market views. Trading strategies: * Directional trades based on expected news flow and earnings announcements (both momentum and contrarian strategy). * Delta neutral spreads between two or more securities within specific sectors. Positions are based on portfolio managers' perception that the price relationship or the relationship between the two companies' financial ratios will revert to their historical averages. * Placings and issues of new debt or equity and stake building situations. * Changes taking place in the weight or composition of different indices or model portfolios. * M&A situations.