(Index Plus)

Fund Investment Objectives

VISTA CTA seeks to take advantage of observed persistent artifacts of commodity markets, characteristics of commodity market forward curves and deficiencies of existing commodity benchmarks for the benefit of longer term participants. Seeking well-formed, fair markets, avoiding unnecessary transaction costs and unnecessary volatility are among the hallmarks of Vista's trading style. The INDEX PLUS PROGRAM is a variant of the Index Program. Index Plus goals are those of the Index Program with added objectives of absolute return and cash management. The Index Plus varies the Index parameters; Timing, Tenor, Weighting, Leverage plus overarching Money Management, in pursuit of its investment objectives. Index Plus uses a combination of long and short term algorithms, wave theory, momentum, volatility, and pattern recognition in attempting to find profitable positions (long, short or flat) for a given market. The Index Plus program may hold any liquid contract month based on position confidence. Index Plus may underweight or overweight positions based on their ranking by our computerized system.