Wainscott Capital Partners

Fund, LP

Fund Investment Objectives

STRATEGY Wainscott Capital Partners is an opportunistic, global long/short equity fund using a fundamentally driven, value oriented approach to find stocks that offer multiple returns. The fund is primarily aimed at the healthcare sector, with principal emphasis on the therapeutics side of this vertical. The fund will also invest selectively in stocks in other sectors which have above-average risk- mitigated returns. The fund seeks public companies which have Competitive Disruptive Advantages (CDA), which can afford multiple returns over 3 to 5 years. The fund utilizes a proprietary risk-minimization strategy to hedge gains and profit from over-priced securities and market disruptions. OBJECTIVE Annualized returns of 20% to 30% plus - with the objective of consistently outperforming the S&P index, with minimal drawdowns in all market environments. Focus on a mix of small cap, mid cap and large cap stocks that have the potential to return two to five times over five years. Identifying and shorting of overvalued stocks that have the potential for 50% downside realizations. Minimize volatility through diversification within and outside the healthcare sector; dynamic calibration of long and short exposure; and real time macro-based portfolio allocation adjustments.