White Oak Opportunity Fund,


Fund Investment Objectives

White Oak Opportunity Fund, L.P. is an event-driven long/short fund focused on dynamics that should change the prices of one or more securities in stressed and pre-stressed corporate issuers. The Fund focuses exclusively on companies with current or prospectively below investment-grade ratings. The Fund seeks to provide 11-14% annualized net returns with low beta to common benchmarks, including high yield indices. The Dallas-based portfolio management team conducts intensive fundamental research across the entire capital structure including leveraged loans, corporate bonds, and equity. The team seeks to identify events expected to occur in next 3-9 months that should cause a material change in the price of one or more corporate securities. The composition of fund returns is typically 33% income, 67% price change. Both the event-driven nature of the investments and ability to short are intended to add alpha and reduce volatility.