Fund, L.P.

Fund Investment Objectives

The Partnership's investment objective is to obtain superior absolute returns on an annual basis. The General Partner will try to achieve this objective by utilizing a long/short opportunistic investment strategy that seeks to primarily generate short-term capital appreciation. In pursuing this investment strategy, the General Partner will utilize its own proprietary investment/trading strategies as well as analysis and research from third parties. In fact, the General Partner is anxious to utilize the broader reach into the investment community the Fund will facilitate, thereby enhancing the currently successful proprietary strategies. Although there are no restrictions with respect to the investments that the Partnership may make to any particular issuer, industry, or type of investment, the General Partner will generally invest no more than 25% of the Partnership's assets in any single investment. The Partnership will primarily invest in equities and equity related derivative instruments (such as options) of securities that are traded on public exchanges. Additionally, short sales will be initiated on both equities and options either for hedging purposes or for capital gain potential. Finally, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and their related options may be used for sector and indices investment exposure. All market capitalization categories will be considered for investment. When the General Partner deems it prudent and timely, leverage may be used to enhance the Partnership's returns.