Worch Capital

Partners LP

Fund Investment Objectives

Worch Capital Partners LP uses market timing, technical and fundamental analysis, and other proprietary measures to highlight potential trading opportunities on a day-to-day basis. The method used for stock selection is based on the proprietary system created by Ryan Worch, called ECLASS. This system was based on studying and identifying the characteristics of stock leaders from the past that are called super performance stocks. The ECLASS methodology used is based on the CAN SLIM system created by market guru William O'Neil. After 10 years of trading I have tailored and refined my own trading strategy and system, which I now refer to as ECLASS. We at Worch Capital Partners, LP try to identify periods of market strength and weakness. During strong up trending markets we will be involved in the most outstanding growth stocks. While during down trending markets we will limit risk by focusing on capital preservation by moving to cash. We also will take short positions in some of the previous winners. During periods of consolidation we will sit on the sidelines in cash and wait for better opportunities to present themselves. This is all coupled with a disciplined risk and money management process for protecting capital.